On-demand services

Through years of specialist automotive consulting and personal experience in workshop management, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing businesses dealing with inefficiency in their workshops caused by empty hoists or bays that could be productive. Sometimes they lack a permanent technician, but very often days worth of labour and parts go unsold because employed staff aren’t available. This could be due to techs being away on holidays, sick days, or carer’s days, or maybe even where a new recruit is serving a notice period somewhere else before starting a new role.

In all of these cases (and more), profit that could be put on a business’s bottom line goes begging, and customers are made to wait longer for their services and repairs than they might otherwise have to. Customer service suffers as a result, as do the rest of staff that are likely having to pick up the slack – often with hefty overtime bills to boot for their employer.

In responding to this challenge, Techs On The Move has a pool of qualified, experienced automotive tradespeople available for short assignments based on your needs. Whether you need someone for a day, a week or a month, we can supply quality technicians on demand.

Our primary focus is on connecting automotive technicians seeking short work assignments with managers that need skilled temporary workers in their busy workshops. This business model is often called ‘labour hire’, though we prefer to think of it as ‘on-demand’, because our technicians are qualified and experienced tradespeople that bring a professional approach to their work. They’re a part of our team because they want to work flexibly for strong pay rates and new challenges, and we expect them to report to our clients ready to make a difference.

Simply tell us what skills you’re after and when you need someone, and we’ll arrange the right on-demand technician. Our tradespeople come fully vetted and prepared by the same team that made us Australia’s leading agency for sourcing international automotive technicians.

We offer competitive rates that allow our clients to make strong margins. No payroll, no fuss and no long term commitments – we’ve got you covered.

Stop letting holidays, sick days and skills shortages damage your productivity and push out your customer’s wait times. Contact us to find out more.


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