Life in Australia

Live to work, or work to live?

Matching highly skilled automotive tradespeople with Australia's most sought after employers.

So you’re looking for automotive tradesperson jobs, sure you work hard, but why?  Have you ever thought that you could advance your career in a place where your skills are in higher demand?  Could you enrich your lifestyle and your future?

Australia possesses beautiful beaches, a Mediterranean like climate and good economic prospects.  Australia is a great place to build a new life, and we have many automotive tradesperson jobs to choose from.

Australia currently has a supply shortage of over 21,800 skilled automotive tradespeople!  Whether you’re a factory-trained Master Technician, Motor Mechanic, HGV Mechanic, Panel Beater, Painter, or SMART Repairer, if you’ve got at least 3 years experience, then we’d love to hear from you.  Just fill in the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.  In the meantime, read our page on Mechanic Jobs in Australia for more detailed information on starting a new life down under.

Techs On The Move will focus on getting you the best results:

  • We have an Australia-wide network of Dealership and Industry employers - we can find the right position for you,
  • We are Australia experts – we can find the right location for you,
  • No candidate charges for business sponsorship,
  • Registered Migration Agent: number 1466786,
  • We can also assist those seeking permanent residency.

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