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The way we work is a lot different to conventional recruiters. We know first hand that this is a massive decision and we’re also aware of the perceived complexities of emigrating abroad. It is for this reason we aim to provide a highly personalised service. We consider ourselves as consultants or partners working with you by simplifying the process so as to ensure you avoid any potential pitfalls.

Below, we have split the way we work into 7 phases after you submit your application:

PHASE ONE: Initial consultation and information packs

Techs On The Move provides an initial information pack to all eligible applicants. This pack includes detailed information relating to the following items:

  • Available visas, and employee obligations under each visa
  • Cost of living comparative modelling by city
  • Climatic data by city
  • Basic Australian employee obligations and entitlements
  • Outline of recruitment and relocation process
  • Australian taxation and necessary health-care arrangements
  • Relevant Migration advice utilising our Registered Migration Agent
  • Freighting options for tooling/personal possessions

PHASE TWO: Screening and interviewing:

Techs On The Move conducts all screening in house. Relying on our depth of experience in both the British and Australian Motor Industries, candidates are interviewed using behavioral based questions. All interviews are conducted by Skype and recorded. A link to the interview is then forwarded to the prospective employer for review in a web-based environment.

It may be necessary to conduct psychometric behavioural profiling where requested by the employer.

PHASE THREE: Reference checks:

Techs On The Move conducts reference checks for all candidates in strictest confidence. We will always require at least one reference check from the current or most recent employer. Where requested, Techs On The Move will also conduct reference checks with the relevant manufacturers training and/or technical office for further insights.

PHASE FOUR: Skills testing:

The department of immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requires that some regions must undertake language and skills testing as part of the 457 visa. British citizens who have a formally recognised qualification attained in the UK are not required to undertake such testing. Where such testing is necessary, the candidate must cover the associated costs.

PHASE FIVE: Family support for successful candidates:

Once an offer is made we will provide basic information in regards to the relevant state based education system, and their associated fees (if any) for temporary visa holders as part of the initial information pack provided to all candidates.

PHASE SIX: ‘Get ready’ checklist:

Once we have signed contracts, completed reference checks and approved visas, all candidates receive a ‘get ready’ checklist. This highlights all necessary steps to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, both before departing your home country and upon arrival in Australia.

PHASE SEVEN: Handholding post arrival:

Our support doesn’t end when you arrive, indeed the first week after arrival is a critical period in ensuring you and your family settle comfortably in Australia. Therefore, Techs On The Move provide support in regard to the following items:

  • General advice on banking institutions, utilities and mobile phone carriers
  • Registering for a Tax file number
  • Registering for a trade certificate (where applicable)
  • Assistance and advice in securing a suitable rental property

Throughout all the process we maintain the highest level of communication by ensuring we are always at hand to answer any of your questions. Don’t worry about the time difference either - we often work unsociable hours here!

If you think you fit the bill and are ready to start the process, then begin by submitting a general application and let us take over from there.

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